I direct design and produce an array of content for international games and software publishers


An advert I directed with a cast of 20 children at a school in Washington DC. I drafted the following storyboards to portray my vision before flying over to direct the shoot.


I produced and directed this promo where we focused on the making of Baldur's Gate 3. It was filmed in several country's and published by Google Stadia.


A 52 Level AR Math game that I directed for students age 6-12. Focus testing showed us that they held tablets at different heights. This informed our level design which I had SME's build using lego before I sketched the final designs.


An app concept for creating highly immersive augmented reality historical recreations. Here is an early POC where I matched the real world start point with that of the virtual camera to sync the location's geography with the historic recantation.


A film I directed as part of Google's Jump Start programme where you take on the role of wolflike guardian spirit to protect a young Celt whose village is attacked by Viking raiders. It combines traditional storytelling with UX and branching narratives.