Director Designer Producer

I direct design and produce an array of content for international games and software publishers

Promo Videos

A product promo I directed with a cast of over 20 children at school in Washington DC. I drafted the following storyboards to portray my vision to the team before flying over to direct the shoot.

Game Trailers

A trailer I directed and produced where we used performance capture to create a compelling call to action while demonstrating new features of the game.

A 52 Level Augmented Reality
Math game for K-6 education

Focus testing showed us that kids of different ages held tablets at different heights. This informed the terrain height of the level designs which I had SME's draft in lego for real world scale before sketching the level art.

Cinematic VR

Shot on the gopro odyssey as part of the Google VR Jump Creators Programme.
Faoladh follows the perilous journey of a 9th century Irish child whose village is attacked by Viking raiders.

More VR content that I created for various locations & event.