Director Designer Producer

I direct design and produce an array of content for international games and software publishers


An advert I directed for HMH's new science program. It was filmed over 3 days at a school in Washington D.C. I drafted the following storyboards before flying over to direct the shoot.

A graphic novel advert I directed for Divinity Original Sin II. We used a probe lens in order get in close and fill the screen with the books vibrant artwork. I then interviewed some of its writers in a custom built set using coloured rim lights.


I produced and directed this promo which teased behind the scenes development of Baldur's Gate 3 It was filmed in several country's and graded to match the games gold/silver color pallet.


A 52 Level AR Math game that I directed for students age 6-12. Focus testing showed us that they held tablets at different heights. This informed our level design which I had SME's build using lego before I sketched the final designs.


A first look trailer I directed for Baldur's Gate 3. It combines in game cinematics with Caravaggio inspired set pieces. The emotional pace is driven by outstanding voice over and live orchestral recordings.