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I direct design and produce an array of content for international games and software publishers

Live Action

Here's a commercial I directed to announce that Divinity was coming to iPad. Much like the Fake Plane Challenge that inspired it, a tight shot and sound design tells us were on an airplane while the transition from headphones to full soundtrack creates a ludicrous sense of luxury.



This advert was filmed over 3 days with a cast of 20 kids at a school in Washington D.C. I drafted these storyboards for stakeholder approval before flying over to direct the shoot.


A first look trailer I captured and directed for Baldur's Gate 3. It combines in game cinematics with Caravaggio inspired set pieces. The emotional pace is driven by outstanding voice over and live orchestral recordings.

Community Content

Here's a selection of comedic dev diary's that combine the right levels of cringe and charm to engage with the Larian's awesome fan base.